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Since 2006 I'm creating Little Planets and after all the years i'm still fascinated. Known places and buildings are transformed to little worlds, in the planet-perspective little things can be big and big things are small. A little part of the reality will be converted in an own planet. Over all the years I created more than a thousand planets and I made a selection for this site.

I'm asked many times, how the planets are made - short version: I make several pictures, stitch them to a Panorama, which contains the complete 360° surrounding including the sky and the ground. In the finished Panorama, the ground is dragged to the center of the image and the sky moved in the corners. Mathematically are the Planets are stereographic projections of a 360°x180° panorama.

For every planet there is a link interactive view in the enlarged view under the picture, this is the from the place where I created the images for the planet. For the technical nerds: the panoramas are produced with a Pentax K-3, the objectiv is a DA10-17mm Fisheye-Zoom. As a Nodal adapter I'm using a NodalNinja 5, the panoramas are created with Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and a Open Source-Software hugin.